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LaptopSell.co.uk is a service provided by Lparts Limited, where you as trader, offer to sell to us your device after receiving a “quote” from LaptopSell.co.uk. By participating in The Service, you agree to the terms and conditions. These Terms of use are referred to as the “Agreement.”

If you have any questions regarding the Agreement, please contact us.

1. Any and all transactions conducted on this site are solely the responsibility of Lparts Limited.

2. The information provided about your device is legitimate and accurate.

3. Your device was manufactured at least in 2004. Older models will not be accepted.

4. Your device has the original hardware from the manufacturer and has not been altered. Any other specifications should be reported to us before you send your device.

Removing Data From Your Product.

1. You agree to remove all data from your current product before shipping it. By sending your device to Lparts, you agree to, upon its acceptance by Lparts, release them from any claim as to the device, the data stored in such device, or any information on any media used in conjunction with the device and which you send to Lparts, or for their security, integrity, confidentiality, disclosure or use. You bear sole responsibility for removing or securing such data, or for transferring it to a medium under your continuing control. Lparts strongly recommends that you back up your data and then erase the data from your hard drive. Lparts will make reasonable efforts to erase all data from items that are submitted through The Service, but makes no guarantee in this regard. Any files or data left on your system may be accessible to others if the data is not erased. Lparts is not responsible for securing, protecting, keeping secret or otherwise managing any form of data or information resident on the device (including any computer hard drive, ROM, CD-ROM, disk, or other storage media of any form).

Testing Process

1. The device model number, its configuration, and condition must match what was provided to Lparts during the trade-in estimation. If they do not match, Lparts reserves the right to recalculate the trade-in value or reject the trade-in transaction.

2. All devices must have a valid OS installed with a valid COA and product key. If your device has a OS backup partition, restoration CDs are not necessary. If your device does not have a backup partition, you will need to included the restoration CDs and drivers CDs with it. Failure to do so may affect your quote. We may, at our discretion, offer some trade-in value for devices that display functional conditions that we did not prompt for such as no boot or no power. However, we reserve the right to reject any trade-in for conditions that effect the operation of an item.

3. All devices are inspected upon receipt by Lparts. Lparts has the option to accept or deny the device prior to issuance of the Trade-In Value. To receive your full trade-in value, you must accurately state the condition of your device. You agree to state the condition accurately and to the best of your ability based on the guidelines posted on this site. Items with scratches, dents and/or display malfunctioning, whether appearing while an item is powered on or off, will significantly impact the Trade-In Value you receive.

4. If the device is not shipped to Lparts within 7 days of received confirmation by e-mail or if its condition, as received, differs materially from that which you described during the estimation process, Lparts reserves the right to recalculate the trade-in value using the same condition parameters originally available to you. Packing and shipping recommendations should be followed in order to avoid possible damage or loss. If you chose to accept the value quoted, your trade-in will be processed using the newly calculated value. If you disagree with the final assessment and valuation of your items, you may refuse the trade-in offer.

5. Devices quoted more than £150.00 may be tested for more than 2 days, depending on its condition. All devices are subject to

6. dissasembling in order to accurately determine its condition.

7. Misrepresentation of Condition

8. If your current product(s) were received and through the inspection process, it was determined that the product condition was misrepresented by you, and there is no trade value, Lparts reserves the right to charge you a recycling fee for the disposition of this device.

10. Lparts reserves the right to renegotiate your quote if your device’s condition is misrepresented. If you do not accept the new offer and would like to have your device ship back to you, shipping charges will apply.

Returns And Transaction Cancellations

1. We offer free returns only for transactions that were subject to a renegotiation of quote due to a minor misrepresentation, that only affects the cosmetic condition of the device. Misrepresentations regarding functionality issues are subject to a shipping and testing fee of £29.00 in order to have your device shipped back to you. (i.e. stated condition: Good, tested condition: Poor, defective hard drive, or defective screen).

If the device was required to be disassembled to accurately test its internal parts, a £29.00 shipping and testing fee is required to be paid in advance in order to to have your device returned to you.

All transaction cancellations must be requested within two (2) days of receiving notification of your device’s test results.

Failure to request the cancellation within this time period might void the return of your device.

UPS Shipping Refunds

Lparts will refund up to £15.00 in shipping expenses if incurred in a UPS store. To qualify for a refund you must include the receipt or a copy of it in the box along with your device. If the transaction is not completed and you request your device to be sent back to you, any refund will be voided. Additionally, shipping expenses will have to be paid in advance in order to have your device shipped back to you.

You device’s condition must fit only one option of the following conditions

Excellent Condition

1. This means your device is fully functional and shows absolutely no signs of wear and has all the accessories that came with it from the manufacturer.

Good Condition

1. Your device is fully functional but shows some minor signs of wear that are non noticeable.


1. A functional device in excellent or good cosmetic condition with system issues that do no require part replacement, ex.: windows password locked, infected with virus, missing drivers. OR

2. A device that shows noticeable signs of wear: worn keys, covers or palmrest, small scratches. OR

3. A device in good cosmetic condition but with a defective battery and/or defective or hard drive.

Bad Condition

1. Multiple defective hardware: Hard drive, optical drive, battery. (Excepting the screen and motherboard)

Poor Condition

1. Multiple hardware AND cosmetic issues.

2. Defective LCD Screen: Choose poor condition is your device is fully functional with broken LCD screen.nA screen with 5+ dead pixels, pressure damage, white spots, dark spots, or any other cosmetic issue is considered a defective screen.

3. Heavy wear. Your device is fully functional but show heavy wear like loose hinges, cracks, dents, worn paint etc.

If your device has been misrepresent by you we will contact you by email with a new offer. If no response is received in 42 hours your payment will be issued and mailed to the name address you provided. After the payment is issued your device will be processed for recycling. Once it has been processed it cannot be returned to you.

Fitness for Sale

You must own the right, title, and interest in any and all devices you seek to sell through the Lparts Trade-in program. Such items, or the sale and shipment of such items, must not violate any applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, or regulations including export laws. You are responsible for complying with any and all such laws. Any device you seek to sell through the site using our services: (1) shall not infringe on third party intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary rights), (2) shall not be counterfeit, stolen, or fraudulent. You represent and warrant that the trade-in products are free of any liens or encumbrances, including third-party software which may not be transferred or for which royalties are due. By using The Service, you agree to indemnify Lparts from all claims or losses sustained by Lparts as a result of any breach of this warranty.

Releasing Rights to Trade-In Product

1. Once you send Lparts your product, Lparts cannot and does not guarantee that it will be able to honor any request for return of the product and/or any data or information contained in said product.

2. Any advice, support or quote given by an agent is an estimate. The condition of your device will be finally determined by the test we run on your device once it is delivered and processed.

3. Once you receive a quote confirmation in the email, it will expire after 20 business days. Your device must be shipped and delivered within this time frame.

4. The free of charge return only applies to devices that are fully functional and do not require refurbishment at all.

5. Devices older than 1 year old might be held for testing for more than 2 days.

6. Lparts update the quotes every 15 days. The date of the price update is shown in every page right above the prices.


1.You remain responsible for the risk-of-loss for the trade-in products until delivery of the device to Lparts. You are responsible for any damages that may occur to your product while in transit. Risk-of-Loss only passes to Lparts upon the opening of the packaging in which the Trade-In Product was sent by you. If Lparts denies your offer to Trade-In your product, risk-of loss will be transferred to you at point of return delivery to you by Lparts, provided, pursuant to these terms and conditions, you request the return of the product. If the device can be returned to you, you will be responsible for any and all associated shipping costs.

2. This offer is non-transferable, not redeemable for any other consideration other than what is quoted by Lparts, and upon your receipt of the Purchase Price, in whatever form sent, it is non-refundable. Prices offered by Lparts are subject to, and will, change without notice; Lparts will terminate offering Lparts on certain Trade-In devices at any time and without advanced notice.

3. All decisions of acceptance or denial of your offer to use The Service by Lparts are final.

4. Lparts makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information that you receive in relation to your Trade-In device. In the event of typographical errors, technical inaccuracies, or product pricing errors or omissions, Lparts reserves the right to correct the error at the point of inspection. If Lparts corrects the error, Lparts will provide you with the following options: (1) to proceed with the transaction based on the corrected information; or (2) to cancel your transaction, in which case Lparts will promptly return the Trade-In Product back to you.

Price Volatility

1. In case of high price volatility of a product, Lparts reserves the right to renegotiate your quote according to the current market value.


General Provisions:

1. Entire Agreement/No Waiver. These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. The captions are used only as a matter of convenience and are not to be considered a part of this agreement or be used in determining the intent of the parties to it. No waiver by Lparts of any breach or default hereunder shall be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default.

2. Correction of Errors and Inaccuracies. The Content may contain typographical errors or other errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. Lparts therefore reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update the Content at any time without prior notice. Lparts does not, however, guarantee that any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions will be corrected.

3. Modification. Lparts reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without giving you prior notice. Your use of The Service and following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Agreement as modified. The last date these Terms of Service were revised is set forth below. Terms and conditions modifying the Agreement are effective immediately upon posting.


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